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Guest Reader - Tony







"I needed a tenant for my rental home, you told me I'd soon have a male from across water, one week later I signed a lease with a man from overseas" - Leah

"I sat and listened in awe at the accuracy. You described my character, my weaknesses and my strengths as though you could see through me. A wonderfully helpful insight reading which was much appreciated - and needed at this time in my life" - Mel

"I could feel some of the colour draining from my face!! You calmly and accurately read my current situation (considering I'd told you, or no one anything about myself!). Very helpful, thanks" - Annette







Channelling, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Tarot and Romany Readings

I was raised in a home with my grandmother who was very psychically gifted. This grand old lady read tea leaves, palms and foretold, without any aids, people's futures with startling accuracy. People even today many years after her passing, still recount the accuracy of her prophecies and yet with all these skills she did not consider there was anything unusual about her gifts and talents.

Having grown up on a property where such skills were normal, "That's just what Gran does" I wasn't at all surprised and considered it quite normal to see and feel the presence of deceased persons and pets around the property or to feel instinctively certain events relating to people around me which were going to occur.

I also have an affinity with various crystals. I can feel the crystal's energy easily and can in fact 'speak to them'.

I am a Professional member of the Australian Psychics Association and have also completed Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. My wife and I conduct Angel and Psychic Development workshops on a regular basis as well as conducting Past Life Regressions. I travel both to different parts of this State and to different parts of Australia with this work.

My personal animal totem is a wolf who comes to me during meditation at almost every session and who I believe is my constant help and psychic companion.

During readings, the Spirit Guide of the person I am reading for has often shown themselves to me, given me their name and channelled messages for the client that relate to their questions.

I have been doing this work and studying a number of metaphysical areas for a number of years and enjoy immensely the help that I am able to give, through my work. By helping people to know they are not alone and that they have loved ones who are trying to make contact and thus I can assist in any grief process.


My areas of expertise are: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Channelling, Mediumship; I read Tarot and Romany cards with great accuracy and in a caring, straightforward and gentle manner. I use general numerology and at times can see 'auras' and see or feel a person's future path. I also do Crystal energy work and Pendulum work.


4 Question reading: AUD$65.00

3 Question reading: AUD$50.00

GUIDE'S MESSAGE Regarding Life Path to Assist you on your Journey this Life time:

Channelled Message from your Guide to You: AUD$40