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I was born the eldest of three children and only girl to a Russian Mother and a Polish, Spanish, Hungarian (Gypsy) Father of aristocratic blood line (Father’s side). I am a Western Astrology LEO and Chinese Astrology TIGER.



and others

Since the age of 6, I believed in Angels. During my youth I always had an interest in metaphysical things and experienced many déjà vu ‘feelings’. At age 13 I had a true belief in reincarnation, just feeling that we returned. This was at a time when such things were certainly not ‘fashionable’.

At age 17, through a head injury and after taking a fit I was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on medication to control the fits. That was when my metaphysical sights or feelings ceased, but my beliefs and interest did not.

At age 35 I started to take myself off this medication, slowly, and by the time I was 40 my ‘senses’ and ‘feelings’ started to re-emerge as the drug intake lessened.

I was at first very unhappy about the epilepsy as it restricted my social life. As I got older and after travelling extensively, visiting faith healers and holy places wherever I went I realised the epilepsy had helped me in many ways. I had become ambitious to prove to both myself and others with ‘illnesses’ that one can achieve anything and do anything, provided I was sensible. This thought was instilled in me by my mother. I was successful in the Executive Secretarial field. I travelled. I met many interesting people and observed many cultures. I saw poverty. I saw wealth. I believe all these experiences helped me to become sympathetic, more insightful and compassionate preparing me to one day help and understand people in the work I currently do.


I feel blessed with many achievements in my career in the Executive Secretarial field. My greatest achievement to date has been in the field of mediumship, wherein I am able to help people, particularly in pet mediumship.

  • I have worked as a Psychic at many large venues.
  • I am a Professional member of the Australian Psychics Association.
  • I received the 2005 Psychic of the Year (Tasmania) Award.
  • I have released a CD entitled “Meeting Your Guardian Angel Meditation’.
  • I have created the ‘Angel Oracle Runes’
  • I have created the ‘Magical Fortune Stones’
  • I have created the 'Archangel Healing Crystals'
  • I have created the 'Angel Meditation Crystal'
  • I run Angel/Psychic Development workshops.


  • Radio Sea FM Hobart - 3 occasions, February 2006
  • RadioOutThere, Sydney - Barry Eaton, 2006
  • Radio ABC JJJ, Canberra - January 2007
  • Radio 2UE, Sydney with Sharina - February 2007
  • Radio GOLD 104.3, Melbourne - June 2007
  • Interviewed by 'The Mercury' 13/10/2006
  • Interviewed by 'Canberra Times' January 2007
  • Book Review, Sunday Tasmanian February 2007
  • Written articles for a variety of publications

  • Have delivered lectures at psychic expos, various
    other venues in relation to pet mediumship; mediumship,
    other psychic subjects


Since 17 I have travelled extensively, but the country which endeared itself to me most when I was 19 was Tonga. I loved the people, with their simple life style and ready smiles. Then I loved Fiji, which I have visited twice and Singapore which I have visited four times.


Pet Mediumship. This work enables people who grieve over the loss of their pets to find closure and inner peace.


Being married to Tony who understands me completely.

Having Mitzy return to me. (validating my life held beliefs that reincarnation does exist) – chronicled in my book HeartSpeak.


Lies/dishonesty; Ignorance/Rudeness; Moodiness; Know-alls; ‘Selective’ Memory.


Being home at night surrounded by my husband, 3 cats & 2 dogs, with Mitzy’s head on my knee. All sleeping soundly and getting on, much as I would wish the world to be!