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Wisdom From The Guides

This is a small book with simple words of Guidance from my Guide. It is a wonderful little book you can use each day by simply opening up each morning to find your message for the
day or when you feel a little lost, open this booklet and the first words you read will assist you with guidance you need to know for the moment. I have taken many pictures, mainly
around our home, to make the booklet interesting and colourful.

Price AUD $15 + postage

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Develop Your Psychic Ability

This book has been written from notes my husband, Tony and I used in our successful workshops. We thought we would share the simple basics we taught in our Workshops 1
and 2.

This is a basic book with simple exercises documented to assist those who are travelling or just started their ‘spiritual’ journey.

Developing your Psychic Ability is a simple to use book, focussing on simplicity to help understand some of the psychic world, also it teaches you the most important starting procedures of protection, psychic attack and cleansing. It also teaches you basic points about numerology, various divinatory tools (tarot, pendulum, etc), crystals, angels/guides and we offer some easy and practical exercises.

This book comprises two parts, the first part consists of the subjects and the second part consists of NOTES. There is a separate NOTES page for each subject where notes on how
you felt, what you learnt are written.

Price AUD $25 + postage.

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