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Angel Oracle Runes


angel oracle runes

Angel Oracle Runes
© Leonora


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Angel Oracle Runes
These gorgeous Angel Runes were channelled to me by my Angels, from the symbols to their meanings, to the Angel Wings Spread.

You will find they are extremely accurate and if you wish to use them as a psychic ‘confirming’ tool, you will be amazed at how similar the Rune Reading will be to a reading done by any other means.

I am thrilled to offer these as an important psychic tool. They have been made and developed with love and light.

The 14 runes come in a specially made pouch with an accompanying leaflet, explaining their meanings and detailing the Angel Wings Spread. You can use your own spread as they work well in any spread. They have been made on genuine, good quality gemstones.

The engraver chosen, a leading worldwide engraver of runic symbols onto gemstones stated: “This, in my professional opinion, is a very powerful set that works with one’s individual intuition as well as tapping into the Angelic higher powers that surround us daily. I am truly honoured to be a part of this spiritual creation!”

Remember: Angels are all around us!! I invite you to come a little closer by using the wonderful high vibrational Angel Oracle Runes, channelled to you, through me, by my Angels.

The Angel Runes come in a variety of gemstones;

  • Rose Quartz,
  • Amethyst,
  • Purple Agate

to name a few. If you have a favourite gemstone please contact me and I will advise whether I have it in stock.

The Angel Oracle Runes come gift wrapped in clear cellophane paper and are priced at $50.00 from this Site.

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Angel Oracle Runes © Leonora